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VENT Passive Ventilation System Installed on School Skillion Roof

A four product combination from VENT creates passive ventilation for a new extension at Hingaia Peninsula School in Auckland.

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How to Ventilate Skillion Roofs

VENT’s passive ventilation systems for skillion roofs have been designed to create continuous, calculated, unimpeded airflow that can exit the roof cavity.

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VENT Passive Ventilation Products Now BRANZ Appraised

VENT is pleased to announce that three of their popular passive ventilation products are now BRANZ appraised.

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Vent's Effective Passive Ventilation System for Pitched Skillion Roofs

Vent’s three product passive ventilation system for pitched skillion roofs ensures constant airflow through the roof space, preventing the build-up of moisture.

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VENT Introduces New Deep Trough Ridge Vent

Designed to meet increasing demand for deep trough roof profiles, the new Deep Trough Ridge Vent is compatible with roofs with trough depths from 38 – 48mm.

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Why Specify the VB20 Ventilated Batten?

Designed to ensure unimpeded airflow through the roof cavity — particularly important for skillion roofs, the VB20 is a popular ventilation option. Steve Mark from WMZA talks about his experience specifying the batten.

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Mould in Trussed Roof

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Articles for the Home Consumer

Choose The Right Roof Ventilation System For Your Home: Tips To Help

With efficient circulation, stale moist air is ventilated outside and fresh air is drawn in. Your insulation works efficiently because it remains dry.

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Good Roof Ventilation: An Essential Safeguard For Your Family Home

Is your roof ventilation system adequate for your home? Discover its importance for health and home security.

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Roof Ventilation: Discover The Best Solution For Your Home

Our primary aim in roof ventilation is to ensure that stale air is ventilated and fresh air constantly circulates.

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When Thinking About Your Ventilation Options, Consider Behaviour Too

If you’re thinking about your home ventilation options, consider a passive ventilation system as well as the behaviour of your home’s occupants.

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