VENT Systems Wall Cavity Batten – VB20

Our Wall Ventilation & Drainage Batten – VB20 Wall, is the ideal product to create a 20mm cavity for ventilation and drainage in walls for both residential and commercial buildings. The VB20 is designed for use as a non-structural cavity batten in wall cladding systems and can be installed continuously in horizontal and vertical orientations.

The VB20 is designed with 4mm evenly spaced openings specifically sized to prohibit large insects from gaining access but wide enough to prevent capillary action. When installed horizontally and continuously, the VB20 provides vermin-proofing to the bottom of the drained cavity. If a durable life of more than 15 years is required, vermin-proofing must be installed at the base of the cavity.

Depending on the bush fire-specific BAL requirements, the top and bottom cavity battens must be fitted with ember guards made of non-combustible material or a mesh or perforated sheet conforming with Clause 3.6 of AS3959 and made of corrosion-resistant steel, bronze or aluminium.

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