Roll Panel Vent– RR650

The Roll Panel Vent RR650 commonly referred to as an Eaves Baffle or Insulation Guard, is designed to create a 25mm air gap between the top of the insulation and the underside of the roofing underlay to ensure unimpeded airflow through the eaves into the roof cavity. With the Roll Panel Vent ensuring sufficient airflow, insulation batts can then be installed into the eaves, above the wall plate without gaps or stepped down layers. By applying the RR650, studies have shown that energy loss from missing insulation can be greatly reduced.

The RR650 castellated profile is easy to install laid across the top of the roof trusses / rafters, parallel with the eaves. The RR650 is able to be easily trimmed down and installed from within the roof cavity for retrofit projects.

The RR650 is to be used in conjunction with soffit or over fascia vents to create a complete roof ventilation system.



Sarking/Membrane Above Roof Battens​
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Sarking/Membrane Below Roof Battens