Ridge Vent Deep Trough – RV10DT

The Vent Systems Ridge Vent is designed to release air from the roof void using the natural convection of rising warmer air, or by means of negative pressure created by wind blowing over the roof. The RV10DT provides a calculated airflow of 8,000mm8 per linear metre, per side (16,000mm² total vent) and has an adhesive and flexible aluminium flashing which forms to roofing profiles, preventing water ingress.

NOTE: For standing seam or trapezoidal profiles ‘snipping’ or ‘crimping’ may be required.

The RV10DT forms part of a passive ventilation system that works year round with no moving parts or energy consumption. and is designed to be compatible with roof cladding profiles with a trough depth of greater than 34mm.

NOTE: For roof cladding profiles with a trough depth of 34mm and under The RV10P is designed to be compatible with most cladding profiles

The RV10DT is to be used in conjunction with other specified Vent Sytems products, if unimpeded ventilation through the roof cavity is to be achieved. Ridge vents are a discrete replacement for traditional rotary driven (whirlybird) vents. Unlike traditional vents ridge Vents do not require penetration to the roof cladding and will be covered by ridge capping / flashings once installed.

The metal ridge cap is supplied by the roof cladding supplier. The capping can be extended to 200mm to hide the soft edge flashing if required.


Sarking/Membrane Above Roof Battens​
Sarking/Membrane Below Roof Battens