Over Fascia Vent (25mm) – G2500N

Over fascia vents offer a practical and cost-efficient solution for ventilating eaves on buildings. They’re easy to install, discreet, and compatible with both timber and metal fascias.

Specifically designed for structures lacking eaves or soffits, the G2500N Over Fascia Vent facilitates airflow into the roof space between the roof membrane and fascia board.

This product exceeds compliance with the National Construction Code 2022 Vol 1: F8D5 / ABCB Housing Provisions Standard 10.8.3, ensuring superior performance.

Compatible with both Concrete Tile and Colorbond roofs, the G2500N is suitable for new construction projects as well as re-roofing applications.

Its application depends on the pitch and design of the roof construction. The G2500N features evenly-spaced openings that prevent large insects from gaining access while allowing airflow to prevent capillary action.

This vent can be used independently or in conjunction with other VENT Systems products to create a comprehensive passive ventilation system.


  • Meets DTS requirements
  • Free open area above NCC Requirements
    • Redundancy for blockages
    • Average calculations easier to achieve NCC
  • Airflow rate of 25,000mm²
  • Free open area does not reduce with application of BAL Mesh
  • Cost-effective Designed specifically for fascia
  • Load bearing:
    • Designed for concrete tiles
    • Compatible with Colorbond
  • Tested to AS1530.3
    • Spread of flame index 5
    • Smoke developed index 6

For application in BAL zones, the G2500N can be enhanced with an ember guard crafted from non-combustible, corrosion-resistant materials such as steel, bronze, or aluminium mesh, ensuring maximum safety. The mesh aperture conforms to Clause 3.6 of AS3859:2018, with a maximum allowable opening of 2 mm.

VENT Systems specialises in ventilation and internal moisture management. Any guidance regarding the G2500N and its ember guard should be considered alongside the latest version of AS 3859, the National Construction Code, and any local regulations. It’s essential to collaborate with building certifiers, fire engineers, or specialised bush fire consultants to ensure compliance and safety in all applications.

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