Over Fascia Vent FV25 (25mm)

Over fascia vents are the most practical and cost efficient method of ventilating the eaves. They are easy to install, discrete and are compatible with either timber or metal fascias. Over Fascia Vents are the only method of achieving eaves ventilation to buildings with no eaves or soffit.

Vents System’s over fascia vents are designed to discreetly ensure airflow into the roof space between the roof membrane and the fascia board of 25,000mm² per linear metre respectively. These products are ideal for both new build and re-roofing situations.

The application of the FV25 will depend on the pitch and design of roof construction. The FV25 is designed with evenly spaced openings specifically sized to prohibit large insects gaining access but wide enough to prevent capillary action.

The FV25 must be used in conjunction with other specified Vent Systems products, such as RR650 or VB20 (for cathedral roofs), if unimpeded ventilation through the roof cavity is to be achieved. A minimum 20mm gap between the bottom roof batten and the over fascia vent must be realised for air flow into the roof cavity.



Sarking/Membrane Above Roof Battens​
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Sarking/Membrane Below Roof Battens