Eaves Comb Filler – G1275

The Eaves Comb Filler G1275 is designed with flexible fingers which adjust to fill the gaps left when using profiled concrete tiles or Colourbond roof cladding. This prevents entry by birds and large insects beneath the concrete tiles or Colourbond roofing profile.

The G1275 eliminates the need for expensive purpose-made profiled fillers that can block necessary airflow above roofing underlays that can trap moisture created by leaks or dew points (Colourbond roofs), in the cavity between the underlay and roof covering.

The G1275 can easily be applied in conjunction with other VENT Systems products and can be fitted on top of VENT Systems Over Fascia Vents or directly to metal or timber fascias. It is an excellent product for residential, commercial or school buildings. The G1275 is used outside of the enclosed roof structure and should be used in accordance with the relevant BAL restrictions.


  • Cost-effective
  • Allows free-flow of air into the roof cavity
  • Compatible with Concrete Tiles and Colourbond roofs
  • Facilitates drainage in case of leaks
  • Profiles to the underside of the roof covering
  • 1m lengths for ease of installation
  • For BAL-0 Zones only
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