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Appraisal No.1099 [2019]
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Appraisal No.979 [2017]

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Roof Ventilation

Passive roof ventilation products that provided continuous, calculated, unimpeded airflow that mitigates of internal moisture issues in roof cavities.



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Choose The Right Roof Ventilation System For Your Home: Tips To Help

With efficient circulation, stale moist air is ventilated outside and fresh air is drawn in. Your insulation works efficiently because it remains dry.

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Good Roof Ventilation: An Essential Safeguard For Your Family Home

Is your roof ventilation system adequate for your home? Discover its importance for health and home security.

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Why Specify the VB20 Ventilated Batten?

Designed to ensure unimpeded airflow through the roof cavity — particularly important for skillion roofs, the VB20 is a popular ventilation option. Steve Mark from WMZA talks about his experience specifying the batten.

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VENT has been New Zealand’s leading specialist in the supply of passive ventilation systems and products for over 5 years and is now here in Australia as VENT Systems. VENT was created as a direct result of the misconception that the ‘Leaky Homes’ disaster that gripped New Zealand was caused solely by external moisture penetration and product failure.

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